Here are just a few reviews from real customers about the RealTouch experience:

(note:  These reviews are unedited and may contain graphic language and adult situations.)

Jim E.
so i just got mine in the mail today, havent cum in 2 days so i was really ready to go, i put some lube in the resevoir and let it warm up. didnt seem to feel like it was lubing itself so i went ahead and smeared some on my dick. found the first video they had on there stuck my dick in the far nothing was happening. well after the video started was still waiting for any action so i minimised the screen then brought it back up thats when the machine started up. WOW did it feel good. at first i couldnt tell if the luber thingy was working but then it got to a part where the girl came and i heard a buzzing sound and felt a cold wetness and DAMN DIT IT FELL GOOD. the cool wetness of the lube wetting you up is unbeatable. i love the randomness of that happening. pretty fun til i guess the lube got the same warm temp of the machine and i didnt feel it when the lube sprayed me, maybe cuz it was already so wet. anyways after watching several videos i found a really good one “cythera” or something. she rides you really good thats a good video to see and the action of the machine is good for that one. came harder than i ever had before..this machine is freaking awesome! was really enjoying this wonderful toy for a loooooong time thru several videos fighting the urge to cum so i could see all this thing can do and man it still has some tricks in this little robo love machine.  anyways love this toy its THE BEST sex toy for men ever…i mean ever!

Randolf P.
So i ordered the real touch on 11/28/09 and received it today on 12/7. Shipped from NC to CA by UPS ground. Left on my front door well pack in a brown box. Fair but i thought it should have been shipped by priority mail.

I broke the tape seals and included in box is the instruction, warranty info, lube, realtouch machine and adpaters. All well pack.

Inspecting the realtouch i was impress by how well built it was. I checked the seals around the case to make sure nothing is tearing or looked damage.
I next stuck my finger in the opening and it was a pleasant surprise of how soft the belts really are. I had no trouble taking the outer case out and i check the hole where you insert the lube and it looked well sealed.

I next logged on to the realtouch website and confirm i have receive my realtouch and proceed to register my new toy. After that it took me in the website to download the plug in needed and the realtouch drivers. Everything good so far. Now step 3 was to check if it would play a movie. I random seleted a movie and i had set the buffering to 30 sec. (i read of slowdown so i did this)

So now i was ready. I plug in all the adapters and put the lube in the realtouch and i squeeze in about a quarter of the bottle and it was still not enough. i didn’t want to waste all the lube so i stop. I know it’s not recommended but i thought it was enough. The machine took about two min. to warm up as listed. When it was ready the machine was warm. My dick was half hard and i tried to stick my dick in the machine. It was a bit dry so i lubed up a bit and stuck it in. Dry because i didn’t put enough lube in the machine? Probably, but half lube in the machine and lube on dick before you stick it in saves on lube and it still works. I then select a POV video of a girl giving head and set the lube to 50%, stuck my dick in and hit play. Waited to buffer and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt great and syncs up with whats going on very well. Felt lube spit out when the girl does and felt every lick, stroke and suck. I’ll be honest and i was ready to bust in a min. It was intense but i wanted to try a missionary position video. i stopped and recover a bit and hit play. To me it felt the same as the previous video POV girl giving head but it was faster and more intense. I was ready to blow my load so i stopped the video and picked a double BJ movie and about 30 sec. into the movie i bust so hard that i know i loaded that machine with a good amount.

Cleaning was easy and light rise with soap like the video. My realtouch did not leak lube all over but i had used a towel underneath just in case. When i was done nothing was on it. Don’t know if there was lube left in it or all of it was dispense or washed out. Dry with towel and left out to dry.

This is my first experience with the realtouch and i am very satisfied customer. I think the $200 was well spent.

Terry K.
Quick facts:
First off, does it feel like sex? Yes.
How much? I’d say about 90%.
What’s missing to make it 100%? The girl, actually being there, you being able to touch her, kiss her.

Now more in depth:
I’ve had the RealTouch for about 3 weeks now and I’m very happy with it.
I also have a big collection of Fleshlights and I have to say, given the choice, I’ll go for the RealTouch each and every time. The Fleshlight hasn’t seen me at all. The heating element in the RealTouch makes it sooo much more real than a Fleshlight.

I remember looking at the RealTouch first time I saw it on the web, thinking “how can you imitate all these sex acts using two freakin’ belts?” … it’s possible… oh yes! For those of you wondering, it’s amazingly possible. For example blowjobs… you can actually feel the girl lick -around- the head. I don’t know how they can do this using two belts, but I felt it! They can make it feel differently based on what you’re doing… even foot jobs!

Orifice: I hardly notice it. It moves, but because the device doesn’t want to break itself, it’s very loose. Not the most awesome feature. The membrane in the front should be like a Fleshlight, more resistance than a silicone curtain.

Lubrication, here’s my experience: the WET lubrication isn’t slippery enough for my taste. I’ve never been with a girl who felt anything like what WET feels like. WET feels barely (excuse the pun) wet. I switched to JO H2O and that more closely resembles my experience with women.

Technically, setup was easy, too many cables, but doable. First time was amazing. I had no streaming problems whatsoever.
Cleanup is insanely easy, no problem at all. Less than 5 minutes.

All in all, money well spend. Would do it again in a heart beat. I can’t wait to see where this technology will go. Probably the end of humanity eventually… because guys will be happy with their RealTouch V4 or V5.

Jerry T.
First off, this is a fantastic product and I have been amazed and thrilled with it!

In 2000, my wife was in a horrible auto accident and now has an artificial hip. In 2006, I crash my airplane and now have an artifical spinal segment.

Sex for us is almost impossible now, although we try our best! However, when both people are moining and groining because of the pain in our bones, it kinda takes the fun out of it. Its great to have a toy that I can use that is so close to the real thing.

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